RISE: Rural Innovation Space and Ecosystem

About RISE

The Single-Use Office Space Model is Past Its Prime
Over the past decade, business owners and entrepreneurs have begun to realize that the single-use office space model is isolating. It is good for keeping your team in a homogenous environment but is not good for creativity, innovation, and collaboration across multiple industries. Owners and entrepreneurs have awakened to the realization that we have a lot to learn from each other, even if we aren’t in the same field of work. But the office spaces we use are only designed for one kind of company at a time. RISE is a space that deconstructs our isolation and opens the door to collaboration, innovation, and community while creating opportunities for what is next in your journey.

RISE Is Your Space
Working from home can be great! Until it isn’t. And some days you just need space to focus. RISE’s private office and shared space solutions give you the flexibility to drop in when you need that time, without all of the worry of maintaining another space.

RISE is Your Third Space
  • Your first space is your home.
  • Your second space is your workplace.
  • Your third space is a place where you can collaborate, create, and have a community with shared interests.
A Culture of Collaboration
The last year has shown us all the importance of outside input. Even for the most staunch introverts, we have realized we are always limited by our own thoughts and energy. RISE’s culture of collaboration gives our members access the each other in an environment that is built to create an ecosystem of innovation. It is our goal to have weekly workshops to fuel your journey.

Prototyping Rural Innovation Space & Ecosystems
RISE’s Bunkerhill location is the prototype for our rural innovation space and ecosystem. We are intentionally creating a space that can be flexible to meet your needs and foster a creative ecosystem of innovation for businesses and entrepreneurs. Whether you need a place to fuel up your creative spirit, put in your headphones and get some work done, present to your team and customers, network, or establish yourself as part of our community, RISE has a solution for you.

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